AcuMark Untility Locating
Because One Call doesn't do it all.
AcuMark Utility Locating, LLC

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What sets us apart? We do it all.

Our contract locating services are available to handle all of your needs, regardless of the size of your utility. We employ only the best locating technicians. With on going technical training and seminars, we keep our services on the cutting edge of technology and procedures.

Our computerized programs ensure that all of your locating requests are handled efficiently. We are proud to offer the locating and maintenence required for your facilities at a fraction of the cost of using your own personel.

We offer private locating services that benefit contractors, architects, drilling companies, property owners, fence companies, and more. Let us help you locate or designate utilities and other sub surface objects (like tanks or pillings) prior to excavating, so you begin your project safely and avoid delays and cost overages.